Coffee with a Purpose, a Story,

Traceability and Premium Flavor

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House Blend
Single Origin
"Changing Lives one Cup at a time"
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Our Business is build on Hope for a Better

South Africa and a even better tomorrow.

Our aim is to up-skill, equip and seek employment

within the coffee industry for 

forgotten People group.


The ones who think that they do not have a chance, 

The ones who have lost hope,

The ones who are desperate for change.

What makes Freedom Coffee so good and the coffee so smooth?

Wood - Fired Roasting !

a Concept as old as the Coffee plant itself, but with a modern twist.

Thanks to technology we can use Wood instead of Lp gas.

This makes for interesting taste variants on different wood types and

a much lighter carbon footprint.

Needles to say it is a fine art and balance of all the senses during the roasting proses.

We use only the finest of beans in our blends all with traceability

all the way back to the farmers.


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